Freedom From Antibiotics:

I have struggled with health since I was a child. I was told by immune specialists at age 17 that I would have to take heavy doses of antibiotics daily for the rest of my life to avoid serious infections. I have been working with Bob for 10 years, and through his regular treatments, dietary recommendations, and herbal prescriptions I am living my life with better health than I could have ever imagined-- and without antibiotics. I am most grateful!

Heather H.

Genuine Care, Vitality and Wellbeing:

I highly recommend Robert Victor as a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner. I originally went to see him to experience the health-promoting effects of acupuncture as part of my health providers complementary medicine program, and have since gone to see him every few weeks for general maintenance. Dr. Victor's approach is a lovely mix of genuine care for his patient's well being, with a quite approach and a deep understanding of Chinese medicinal principles. I would highly recommend Dr. Victor to anyone wanting to increase their vitality and overall sense of well being.

Laura C.

Success Beyond Expectations:

I have been a patient of Dr. Victor for four different conditions during the past fifteen years. In each case treatment has been successful beyond my expectations. In one instance a nagging knee condition of many years was completely removed in one visit and it has never returned.


Relief from Menstrual Pain, a Graceful Menopause and Help with Traumatic Injury:
Dear Dr. Bob, (Robert Victor)

I am writing to compliment you and your services for which I have been recieving for eight + years of ongoing care and treatment. I first recieved acupuncture for womens issues such as menstrual pain and relief regarding the monthly cycle. Your acupuncture treatments not only surpassed all of the bothersome pain and stress related to my cycle; You have guided me through menopause gracefully and actually helped stop my menstrual cycle completely. I am 50 years old and this is a high achievement to be free of the trouble most women endure. It has been two years and I am almost completely done with menopause.. You have done wonders treating my hot flashes and I am eccstatically grateful. Your choice of the chinese medicinal supplements and continued scheduled needle appointments have made me a women without misery. Thank you Thank you Thank you...........

Then four years later I was involved in a very traumatic car accident where my ankle bones were completely forced outside my right foot. I have been left partially crippled due to the severity of the incident. I had come to see you from the beginning of this terrible trauma. You treated me with acupuncture. Without the help from your treatments and chinese supplements I do believe that I would be suffering in a greater way from the damage. My foot was saved. I am able to walk most of the time without a cane. I do not believe there are ample amount of words that can express how deeply and eternally grateful I am for your kind compassion and excellent skill being a healer. Although I'm left with a physical disablity from my accident, I have you to thank for the wonderful outcome now after four years of service you rendered. Totally commited to your care...

Kim Marie

Surgery Avoided:

Some years ago I had a severe backache. The pain was such that I was unable to walk more than a few steps. I went to a doctor who could not do much but say "if this continues we will have to operate in a few months".

Frustrated by the lack of solutions from western medicine for this extremely painful problem I decided to try acupuncture with Bob Victor. Bob's approach was holistic, he offered suggestions on diet and lifestyle as well as some herbal remedies. Bob is an acupuncturist as well as a herbalist who I found extremely knowledgeable with regard to Chinese herbal practices.

Within a month's time and 4 sessions I able to once again assume a normal life. Upon returning to the original doctor's office he was shocked at the speedy recovery and inquired as to what acupuncturist I had seen and about his methods for success. The painful condition never returned.

Michael K.

Sleep Without Pharmaceuticals:

I suffered from insomnia for over a year before seeking treatment. After feeling drunk-ish or hung over for weeks (or maybe months) on end I ran a red light at a busy intersection downtown without realizing it one night. I decided it was urgent to do something about my lack of sleep. I had put up with my insomnia because I definitely didn't want to get hooked on prescription drugs; Ambien or Lunesta were NOT for me. I decided to try accupuncture. I called Bob Victor because someone recommended him. Victor said acupuncture could help, so I went in for a treatment.

I don't like needles -- I still cover my eyes when I get a flu shot or have a blood sample drawn for an annual allopathic physical. I was dismayed to learn that a single treatment could not cure insomnia. But I was reassured by Victor's approach -- he understood both the Chinese underpinnings of acupuncture and western research on how the process works. He loaned me a couple of his books on the subject, which clarified to me what was going on. Through my readings and my treatments I learned that acupuncture sessions are relaxing time-outs that makes you feel great the rest of the day, but that real alleviation of severe problems like mine it takes time. I took treatments from Dr. Victor twice a week for roughly a year -- time consuming and expensive by anyone's standards. But they solved my insomnia and cleared up some arthritis in the process, WITHOUT pharmaceuticals that have the potential to cause great psychological and physical damage. To me, that was worth the time and expense.

I haven't needed a treatment in several years. I still have short bouts of sleeplessness and/or arthritis, and probably will always have these issues. But today they MINOR -- nothing at all like what I experienced before Victor tuned up my system. I wouldn't hesitate to go back to him if my problems become unmanageable, or if I had other health concerns that acupuncture could help me with.

If pharmaceuticals are not for you -- and they shouldn't be -- I highly recommend Bob Victor's work.

Susan K.

Cancer Support:

Three years ago I received a diagnosis of cancer, a large solid tumor in my lower GI tract. My prognosis was good, but the doctors warned me that their suggested course of radiation and chemotherapy would be very difficult to endure. Bob Victor got me started taking herbal preparations well before I began the cancer treatments. I continued taking the herbs throughout my treatments, and am still taking some. Bob has adjusted my herbal prescription several times, to adapt to my needs and to any symptoms I was experiencing, and he was always prompt and insightful in figuring out what I needed and seeing that I had it..

The result was that my treatment regimen was much easier and less problematic than anyone had predicted. I had few side effects, and those I did experience were mild. There was never a day I was unable to exercise, I had no nausea, and my weight remained stable. Throughout, I felt like a basically healthy person. My oncologist even apologized for alarming me with his original description of what I should expect, but he did say in his defense that another woman who started a similar course of treatment at the same time had been hospitalized several times with severe dehydration, a result of the diarrhea I had been told to expect, but had never experienced.

I felt that Bob's course of treatment supported me before, during, and after the chemo and radiation, and I attribute my better-than-expected experience and successful outcome in large part to the herbs. Bob consulted from time to time with a team of other experts, but it was his diagnostic expertise and knowledge of TCM that gave me the support I needed.

Bob also administered acupuncture, which was especially useful in helping me cope with the anxiety that inevitably accompanies a cancer diagnosis.

If I ever face treatments for cancer or other serious illness again, there is no doubt in my mind that I would choose to go to Bob for Chinese herbs and acupuncture to attain the best possible outcome.

T.H., 60 year old woman, Madison

Increased Fine Motor Skills:

My daughter and I have been receiving care at Robert Victor's acupuncture clinic for about two years. The clinic has an atmosphere of harmony, peace and positive energy that very much supports the healing of body, mind and spirit that I can count on. Since beginning treatments, my daughter who has atonal cerebral palsy and other disabilities has been gaining increased fine motor abilities and is also more mentally active and alert.

Katherine C. A grateful and enthusiastic patient and mom!

Breath Restored:

A year ago I started experiencing a painful chest constriction and difficulty breathing. Just doing daily housework, getting through the day at work, and climbing stairs became an ordeal. I was resorting to frequent rests on my office floor to get through the workday, and had stopped my step aerobic class. Life was looking grim. The condition was unresponsive to Albuterol, steroids and other conventional asthmatic protocol. I turned to Bob Victor for help. I learned that I had what traditional Chinese medicine calls ‘stagnation with the blood and lung’. Bob with his knowledge and understanding of Chinese Traditional Herbal medicine was able to help me. I found that my symptoms morphed over time, from the painful chest constriction, to heavy legs and Bob patiently and knowledgeably adjusted the herbal prescriptions to address the changing symptomatology. I also discovered that this is how the body corrects itself. I am now back to walking to work in winter, climbing Bascom Hill, and doing my housework without too much difficulty. I do take an occasional rest at work, but am not compelled to do so like before. I have gained an understanding that getting well is a relationship and an investment of your time and that of your practitioner. I appreciate that Bob is very solicitous of his patients, and creates a welcoming, relaxing office environment. If you are looking for someone knowledgeable and who will take the time to understand your problem and work with you, I would definitely vouch for Bob Victor.

60 year old Japanese-American woman, and Madison Wisconsin Resident

No More Migraines:

I have suffered from migraines since I was six years old. I am close to forty nine years old, so that is about forty- three years of very severe pain and suffering. A typical migraine headache, since I experienced my first one in first grade, for me, was on an average of about once a week or every other week.

I can't describe the suffering so you would understand unless you also experienced a severe migraine. I'll try the best I can. Such severe pain in my left side of my head and eye and my left eye so very swollen couldn't even see out of it. Such nausea that my whole body would go into trauma, my heart would palpate-stopping and starting, my back would ache from the dry heaves and my throat get very, very sore,my body so weak that if somebody didn't help me I would just collapse, dehydrated because for two days wouldn't keep anything; any form of food or liquid down, terrible diarrhea and cold clammy skin.

I would have to stay in the dark, quiet atmosphere for hours with a heated cloth on my left eye. This has been my whole life for many years of suffering.

I heard of acupuncture from a friend of mine so I called Mr. Robert Victor. I had gone to many specialists and tried different migraine medicines over the years and nothing helped. I started the acupuncture and had 7 sessions. This was the first time in forty three years that I felt really good.

I am still free of migraine headache. I can plan events in my life and not have them disrupted because I am sick. I owe Mr. Victor a lot; I could never tell in words how deeply thankful and how much gratitude I have for Robert Victor and the acupuncture I received.

Katy W.